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IELTS Coaching - Tips and Techniques for improving IELTS - Listening

There are four sections with 10 questions each. It takes about 30 minutes and the conversation is a monologue or between 2 or more persons. You have 40 questions to answer on the whole. Audio tape will be played once only. Keep listening until it stops. You will be given half a minute to go through the questions and half a minute to go through the answers at the beginning and end of each section. 10 minutes extra will be given to transfer the answer. Normally the accent will be in British and Australian.

To score above IELTS 7.0 you have to focus well. First read the questions & notes carefully.
• Underline the key words and predict the answers whether noun, verb or number
• Try to listen and write at the same time
• Look for synonyms of key words in the audio
• Moreover the answers to questions will be in order
• Don’t get distracted if you leave a question, go on to the next immediately
• Use CAPS as and when required
• Have a check on singular and plural
• Try to use half minute to check your answers by going through the next section questions.
• Try writing the words in the exam paper when you are doubtful and then while transferring the answer think for the best suitable one.
• Small errors can lead to low scores so careful with the spelling at all times
• Do not leave blanks
• Remember to look for ideas rather than words or phrases
• Remember if you want a high score you should aim to get all questions in part 1 and part 2 correct.

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